It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here. But May 1st was a big day in OSS history and I felt I had to at least say something.

One Small Step started on May 1, 2006. I had always wanted to do a comic strip since my far distant High School days and the brave new world of Web Comics was a way to make that happen. I cobbled together a little cast of characters and stories pulled from old sketches and new ideas and had a great time drawing and writing and interacting with my small audience. I don’t know if OSS was anything great but I like to think I did a fair job and produced something people might like.

Almost two years ago I had to take a break. No big crisis changed my circumstances. Just lots of little impediments like hard goings at work or life changes like kids going off to college ganged up on me and made me redirect my priorities. OSS continues to be in the back of my mind and I’ve often thought about a relaunch or restart. I’ve made some small steps lately, updating the website backend and trying to write some strips. It’s slow going but I hope to keep making more small steps to eventually bring OSS out of it’s coma. I miss Doug, Qwerty, and the gang.