Well, the new site has been up for almost a week and hasn’t broken yet. Say Yay! The dust is settling and I can get my mind back to the strip itself and hopefully build my strip pad back up. I can also look into additional projects like a book(?), free-lance, and more.

I’m also excited about a web design program I’m starting later this month through Boston University. One must keep current.

In the “life sucks” category, my wife lost her job last week. She’s a very talented writer/editor/manager and saved her company hundreds of thousands of dollars and made the product much better. They essentially said BFD and showed her the door. She’s actually relieved to be out of there (when she’s not a little panicked about paying bills and the economy in general), so it’s on to bigger and better things. (…hmmm, maybe I should bring back my old donations button…hmmm…)