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Jan 6Eyes open
Jan 8Do you take Ningis?
Jan 10The Gang’s All Here
Jan 13Decisions, decisions.
Jan 15New Zealand is cool.
Jan 17Aaaahhhhhh!
Jan 20Escape!
Jan 22Enjoys long walks on the beach…
Feb 3Rub your back?
Feb 3Schedule Change
Feb 15How about body surfing?
Feb 19Is there a sandworm at the bottom of the bottle?
Mar 5Intergalactic Mapquest
Mar 12Burn
Mar 19Wormsign
Mar 26Lowly Worm
Apr 2Party time
Apr 9Middle-age spread
Apr 16Memories, light the corners of my mind…
Apr 23Charity case
May 7Lucky boy
Jun 26Flair