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Jan 10Is the game on yet?
Jan 12Bravo!
Jan 14Stop talking
Jan 17Don’t stop
Jan 19Got room?
Jan 21In space….yes, space…
Jan 31Not again!
Feb 2Do you have anything to declare?
Feb 7Yeah, baby, it’s real.
Feb 9Lucky
Feb 14It was a cover-up!
Mar 7Need to know
Mar 9Permanent Solution
Mar 11Fire away
Mar 14Flashy thingy
Mar 16‘Ol Softie
Mar 18Liftoff
Mar 21No return policy?
Mar 23They’ll be baack
Mar 25One Small Step
Mar 28Favorite Martian?
Mar 30Weather report
Apr 6Coppertone
Apr 8Spotty history
Apr 11Louie, Louie
Apr 13Uranus is showing
Apr 15N…E…P…T…U…N…E
Apr 18Last (and least)
Apr 20Erk!!
Apr 22Yeah, excited, that’s it
Apr 27Melting! Melting!
May 4Need more buckets
May 6New Qwerty OS?
May 11What the frell?
May 13Reunion time!?
May 16Different.
May 18Secrets
May 20Wait, what?
May 25Yeah, Ewww!
Jun 6Who gets stuck at the kids table?
Jun 15It’s all perspective
Jun 17We’re waiting!
Jun 20What in the Where?
Jun 22Where’re we off to?
Jun 24Oh, right. Don.
Jun 27Can you hear me now?
Jun 29Get ’em straight
Jul 1Is there a lifeguard?
Jul 13It’s always the same.
Jul 15Same with Moms too
Jul 20Oops! Look at the time!
Jul 22How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?
Jul 29No too long.
Aug 10Pizza and a movie
Nov 23Guest Strip