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Jan 8Keep it down.
Jan 11Thunderdome!
Jan 13Told you.
Jan 15Free will
Jan 18Aliens make a mean Chicken Parm.
Jan 20Regular Bachelor Slime
Jan 22Weird… that’s the word for it…
Jan 29Ginger Ale
Feb 1No idea at all.
Feb 3Let’s Eat!
Feb 5Don’s back!
Feb 8Can I go home now?
Feb 10Thanks for a wonderful evening.
Feb 12Bet that Drano hurts.
Feb 15Maintain surveillance.
Feb 17Bad date.
Feb 19Deus ex machina?
Feb 22Plenty of ideas.
Feb 24Don’t ask.
Feb 26Big day tomorrow.
Mar 1Any plans today?
Mar 3Confidence!
Mar 5Really big shew.
Mar 8Douglas has left the building.
Mar 10Oh, yeah, thanks.
Mar 12Wait for it!
Mar 15Don’t move!
Mar 17“We”?
Mar 19Busted!
Mar 22Mr. Anderson! Surprised to see me?
Mar 24Agent Smith.
Mar 26Doug is in deep *blank*.
Mar 29An error.
Mar 31Return to sender.
Apr 2It’s about time!
Apr 5Priorities
Apr 7Just text him.
Apr 14Speed of thought
Apr 23Resolution
Apr 26Detention
May 10Now we can chat.
May 12We’re on a mission from God.
May 17Wardrobe Malfunction
May 28Qwerty the brave.
Jun 9Doug tells all.
Jun 11Oh yeah, thanks.
Jun 18Priorities
Jun 23Competition?
Jul 7Guest Strip
Jul 9Work in Progress
Jul 14Knight Rider in SPACE!
Jul 16Let’s pay attention, shall we?
Jul 21Don’t get her started.
Jul 23ALL of us?
Jul 28That’s right
Jul 30What was that word?
Aug 2No questions
Aug 4How did he know?
Aug 6Where did he come from?
Aug 9It’s time to Tell the Truth
Aug 11HAL!?!?
Aug 13Yeah, he does that.
Aug 18Nothing to worry about.
Aug 23Good travel agent
Aug 27Someone’s knocking at the door…
Sep 1Close the door
Sep 3Thorough
Sep 6The new black.
Sep 8Tomato, Tomahto
Sep 10Your mission, should you choose to accept it…
Sep 13Open Sesame
Sep 15…see you next fall.
Sep 17Sploosh!
Sep 20Copycats
Sep 27One of us!
Sep 29Which is which?
Oct 4Rescue, anyone?
Oct 6Call waiting
Oct 8Fun’s over
Oct 11Whip it!
Oct 13Yeah, yeah, yeah…..
Oct 15Follow the leader
Oct 20Keep up!
Oct 22Exit?
Oct 25Double your pleasure, Double your fun.
Oct 27Smith Vs. Smith
Oct 29Mustn’t hit!
Nov 3Nothing can stop it!
Nov 5Puncture Proof
Nov 8No respect.
Nov 17Directions
Nov 22This way!
Nov 24Otto-pilot
Nov 29I said…
Dec 1Wink!
Dec 3I call shotgun!
Dec 6Late again.
Dec 8No one gets left behind.
Dec 13Full house
Dec 15What’s next?