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Jan 3Who are you?
Jan 5He sounds very smart
Jan 8VO Being
Jan 10Don from Planet Pardo
Jan 12Galactic newbie
Jan 15Curly fries!
Jan 17Should have recycled
Jan 19Nick Winters sings!
Jan 22Whoops!
Jan 24Nanoo Nanoo
Jan 26The fracking dagget did it
Jan 29It was all just a dream
Jan 31Poor marketing guy
Feb 2Did marketing help?
Feb 5You want me to go OUTSIDE?
Feb 7Foresight
Feb 9Lookout Spaceman Spiff
Feb 12I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.
Feb 14Don’t lock the door
Feb 16Burrito burp
Feb 19I can see your lips move
Feb 21It’s a three prong
Feb 23The flight director says “get inside”!
Mar 5Go fish
Mar 7It felt longer
Mar 9Take a bath
Mar 12I dunno, what do you want to do?
Mar 14…All your base…
Mar 16Aaaahhhh!
Mar 19Just a minute
Mar 21Cone dog
Mar 23Down boy!
Mar 26Don’t fix him
Mar 28First fight
Mar 30Oops
Apr 2Whiner
Apr 4Or poop
Apr 9Woof
Apr 11Too ugly
Apr 13Smack him again!
Apr 16Roadtrip
Apr 18He IS learning
Apr 20Roadtrip!
Apr 30Pussycat! I meant pussycat!
May 2Drinks!
May 4Nope. Never comes up.
May 7Callibogus
May 9The bar planet
May 11Go have fun
May 16Hi Coach
May 18What’s IN that drink?
May 21Norm!
May 23Charlie Brown is missing a card
May 25“It’s a little known fact…”
May 28Can we go now?
May 31Um…nothing
Jun 4Let’s go
Jun 6What DID they do?
Jun 8Ludicrous speed!
Jun 11Hey!
Jun 14Sticky
Jun 18Good time so far
Jun 22Peanut shells all over the floor
Jun 25Bucket time
Jul 11All rested up
Jul 13What’s next?
Jul 18Really?
Jul 20Los Vega?
Jul 23Keep up to speed
Jul 25Shakespeare in space!
Jul 27“What are you doing in the car park?”
Aug 1But it’s so much fun
Aug 3Too trusting
Aug 6The doctor is out
Aug 20These guys look familiar
Aug 22See!??
Aug 24My brain hurts!
Aug 27Old couple fight!
Aug 29I was there too
Aug 31Lost the farm
Sep 3The perfect plan
Sep 7Go ahead, make my day.
Sep 10You think this is a game?
Sep 12McFly!
Sep 14The universe doesn’t exist
Sep 17But that would never happen
Sep 19Hot for great-grandma
Sep 21Hi, Don.
Sep 24What does Ziggy say?
Sep 26Play it, Sam.
Sep 28Oh, that’s better then.
Oct 15Shhhhhh
Oct 24What’s all this, then?
Oct 26Q’s got all the answers
Nov 5Not THAT easy
Nov 7We were just leaving
Nov 9Excuse me
Nov 14Gotta go
Nov 21BINGO!
Dec 5Oh, yeah, Don.
Dec 7Yeah. . . them