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Jan 2Squishy
Jan 4More like pets, actually.
Jan 6Thinking will get you in trouble.
Jan 9Hail Freedonia!
Jan 11I thought so too!
Jan 13Explain yourself
Jan 16The truth hurts
Jan 18Mr. Goody Two-shoes
Jan 20Just let it go.
Jan 23Truth will out.
Jan 25Ask for your favorite meal too.
Jan 27Sweet Dreams
Jan 30Home Sweet Home
Feb 1Down is up
Feb 3Home Hard Home
Feb 6“Solids”
Feb 8Speak, Boy
Feb 10Two steps forward….
Feb 13Bother solids.
Feb 15Where do you think?
Feb 17Don’t tell me, don’t tell me
Feb 20Mom! Don’t butt in!
Feb 22Who gets top bunk?
Feb 24Are we there yet?
Feb 27Does this thing have airbags?
Feb 29Home Sweet Home
Mar 2No room at the Inn
Mar 5Wrong sleep number
Mar 7Don’t make me come in there with the belt!
Mar 9To sleep, perchance to dream – ay, there’s the rub.
Mar 12Reville… Reville… Heave out and trice up!
Mar 14Woof!
Mar 16Good girl!
Mar 19Progress
Mar 21The Better Angels of Our Nature
Mar 23Slimy comfort
Mar 26Comfort and Joy
Mar 28Trouble ahead
Mar 30Wardrobe malfunction
Apr 2Clothes, what are they good for?
Apr 4Waiting game.
Apr 6Tradition
Apr 11Easter Bunny…. In SPACE!
Apr 16The Galaxy’s Innkeeper.
Apr 18Today’s Events
Apr 20Unfashionably late
Apr 23Passing the buck
Apr 25Cannonball!!!
May 9Yes…… fascinating
May 16Shallow end
May 18Default settings
May 21Days?
May 25These are the voyages…
Jun 6Good weatherstripping
Jun 8Ginger ale anyone?
Jun 18Adult swim time
Jun 20Do something solid!
Dec 10Same Solid Marriage
Dec 12Oh, yeah….. Them.
Dec 14Oops.
Dec 17“Back in my day…”
Dec 19Time to come in
Dec 21He hears all
Dec 24Surprise!
Dec 26Food crasher
Dec 28Everything……