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Jan 21Ignorance is bliss
Jan 23Weird Alien Stuff
Jan 25Best wishes
Jan 28Nice tiles
Jan 30Know-it-all
Feb 1Consistency
Feb 4Let’s eat!
Feb 6Musical chairs
Feb 11The more the merrier
Feb 13Dig in!
Feb 18Culinary Faux Pas
Feb 20Only the finest.
Feb 22Shmoo food.
Feb 25No mini marshmallows.
Feb 27Dead trees
Mar 4“Please sir, I want some more.”
Mar 6Operator Error
Mar 11Haute cuisine
Mar 13Go home
Mar 15Everyone knows everything
Mar 20Hope he changed the sheets.
Mar 22Or a beanbag.
Mar 29Have a nice night?
Apr 3Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.
Apr 8Taffy World!
Apr 10’bout time.
Apr 24On the road again (almost)
Apr 26Buh-bye
May 1Trouble ahead?