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Jan 7We didn’t mean it!
Jan 9Toga! Toga!
Feb 4Let’s get some drinks then.
Feb 6Call that job satisfaction?
Feb 11Rubix’s Van
Feb 13Sure hope he’s an Autobot
Feb 15Skinflints
Feb 18Deja vu
Feb 20Now what?
Feb 25Not far
Feb 27Double-wides
Feb 29Far too simple
Mar 3Awwwww.
Mar 5It’s his nature
Mar 7That’s how you can spot the tourists
Mar 10The plot thickens
Mar 17Ouch! Hit a nerve.
Mar 19Touchy!
Mar 21Hot!
Mar 26Gag me with a spoon!
Mar 28Kick it out of bed
Apr 2Stupid solids
Apr 4Everybody knows
Apr 7Just mice in a maze
Apr 9Heart-less
Apr 11Cruel to be kind
Apr 14Poor pup
Apr 16Classical or oldies?
Apr 18Wait! What?
Apr 21Same question
Apr 23Don’t you knock?
Apr 25As seen on. . .
Apr 28Where do I click?
Apr 30Cleanup in hot-tub three
May 2Slime pools rock!
May 5Much better
May 7Where’s the door?
May 9Who knew?
May 12Reboot
May 14Try adjusting the Heisenberg compensators
May 16You deserve a break today
May 19Don’t question
May 21Slimer
May 23Bless you
May 26Crackin’ good toast!
May 28Actually it’s like rice cakes
May 30Does it come with a toy?
Jun 2You really don’t
Jun 4(the fries never went bad)
Jun 6Whoops
Jun 9Unsinkable
Jun 11Poor Don
Jun 13Slime room
Jun 16Just hanging around
Jun 18Cool your jets
Jun 20It’s a bit of a mess
Jun 23And wet
Jun 25Lila?
Jun 27Pod please
Jun 30Bump
Jul 2Too much information
Jul 4FAR too much info
Jul 7What did he do in the corner?
Jul 9Too fast
Jul 11Monkey-boy fantasies
Jul 14Laugh riot
Jul 16Slimed!
Jul 18See-through
Jul 21Chopped liver
Jul 23Might as well not bother
Jul 25Beau Qwerty
Jul 28Snobs
Jul 30Little problem
Aug 1Ring
Aug 4Blast from the past
Aug 6Hi
Aug 8Yeah, those were crazy days
Aug 11Hobby
Aug 13Bet she drives a minivan too
Aug 15Have a nice life
Aug 20Is nothing sacred?
Aug 22Copy
Aug 25Where did he have that?
Aug 27Need some skin
Aug 29So close and yet so far
Sep 1Off course
Sep 3…oh frack…
Sep 5And dragons
Sep 8Only fooling
Sep 10I’d go back if I were you.
Sep 12Will You Stop Saying That!
Sep 15Don’t strip
Sep 17Time circuits!
Sep 19Abandon hope
Sep 22Are we there yet?
Sep 24Told you so.
Sep 26*Burp*
Oct 3Everybody skooch in
Oct 6Order up
Oct 8It’s a timeshare
Oct 10An exclusive gated community
Oct 13Wormhole?!
Oct 15Building blocks
Oct 17Keep you hands inside the car at all times
Oct 20Enjoy the ride
Oct 22Finally
Oct 24My bad.
Oct 27Weeeeeeeeee!
Oct 29OSS Bobbleheads
Oct 31Dave?
Nov 17The Minivan has landed.
Nov 19Stuck on you
Nov 24Pancake
Nov 26Oh, Snap!
Nov 28Who’s is this?
Dec 1Call AAA
Dec 3Unscheduled stop
Dec 5More advanced
Dec 8Pay attention
Dec 10There are no STARS.
Dec 12Bum Bum Buuuuuum!
Dec 15Computer stress
Dec 17Limited minds
Dec 19Last exit
Dec 22Let us pray
Dec 24End of the line
Dec 26Looking for volunteers