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May 1Day 1
May 5Grease spot
May 8God speed
May 10Warp speed Mr. Spock
May 12Oh crap
May 15Qwerty
May 17Who’s on the wrong planet?
May 19Huh?
May 22Nanos
May 24Monkey-boy accident
May 26Will it hurt?
May 29Subliminal Acquisition
May 31It’s our fault
Jun 2H2G2
Jun 5How about a professional favor?
Jun 7Monster overhaul
Jun 9Just a little addition
Jun 12How? Who?
Jun 146 rms, rv vw
Jun 16A short hop
Jun 19Want a tissue?
Jun 21No tools required
Jun 23Recap
Jun 26“Don’t Panic”
Jun 28PTO
Jun 30Good union
Jul 10Are you sure?
Jul 12Mapquest?
Jul 14What does this button do?
Jul 17T-Rex
Jul 19…oh yeah…
Jul 21Where to?
Jul 24What happens when I do this?
Jul 26Pop!
Jul 28Yeah, go with that
Jul 31D’oh!
Aug 2Scrambled
Aug 4Duct tape
Aug 7D’oh! take two
Aug 9Any donuts?
Aug 11Look out!
Aug 14Second on the right
Aug 16Do you mind?
Aug 18You are here
Aug 21Still here?
Aug 23Door to door
Aug 28CNR
Sep 8You bet your life
Sep 11You got a nice place here
Sep 13Family and fish…
Sep 15The comics MOVE
Sep 18Computer?
Sep 20IBM
Sep 22Wi-Fi
Sep 25Geeky
Sep 27Updates
Sep 29K-8000
Oct 2Cogito Ergo Sum
Oct 4Nyuck Nyuck Nyuck
Oct 6Fascinating
Oct 9Got a kit
Oct 11It’s a hobby
Oct 13Legoland
Oct 16Blue light special
Oct 18Hack a loogie
Oct 20That’s just gross
Oct 23Primordial ooze
Oct 25Just a short wait
Oct 27Big “L”
Oct 30Disappointing
Nov 1We had a kit
Nov 3Yuck!
Nov 6Everything here is slime!
Nov 8Lube job
Nov 10Slimy
Nov 13Life the universe and everything
Nov 15Who eats who?
Nov 17We need a new grant
Nov 20I hate that
Nov 22Happy T-Day
Nov 24Tryptophan
Nov 27Finger painting
Nov 29Does he watch GH?
Dec 1Do not call list
Dec 4One day
Dec 6Squeek!
Dec 8Hey! Let’s get smaaaaall!
Dec 11Let’s hope so
Dec 13Hit the reset button
Dec 15He never saw Raquel Welch