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Jan 12Reservations
Jan 14After you
Jan 16Field trip!
Jan 19What are we doing?
Jan 21Who did that?
Jan 23Friendly neighbor
Jan 26Not THE Supreme Being
Jan 28The Multiverse
Jan 30Infinite Siblings
Feb 2Paradox
Feb 4Overload
Feb 6Why, Why, Why?!
Feb 9Don’t worry
Feb 11Him?
Feb 13Show-n-tell
Feb 16It’s dry out today
Feb 18Magnificent desolation
Feb 20Look for the bar
Feb 23What will he find out there, doctor?
Feb 25You Maniacs!
Feb 27Too early
Mar 2Too early?
Mar 4Sucks to be you.
Mar 6Oooh! Can I come?
Mar 9It is his universe.
Mar 11Salary
Mar 13Lose a job…
Mar 16Failure
Mar 18Make a difference.
Mar 20Why save Earth?
Mar 23Need to know.
Mar 25Bet your sweet bippy!
Mar 27Gonzo fiddles while George Burns.
Mar 30You never asked.
Apr 1Jelly Baby anyone?
Apr 3Homeward bound
Apr 6No, nobody noticed.
Apr 8Maybe somebody did notice.
Apr 10Mmmmm… leftovers.
Apr 13Riffraff
Apr 15Ground Rules
Apr 17Communicators
Apr 22Is this the party to whom I am speaking?
Apr 24Don’t want to be conspicuous.
Apr 27Culture 101
Apr 29Runway!
May 1Pizza!
May 4What not to wear.
May 8Back on the job.
May 11Need Mapquest again
May 13Been a long time.
May 15CubeQuest
May 18Cube City
May 20Miss me?
May 22Consultants?
May 25Memorial Day Guest Strip
May 27Cheer up
May 29Hi, Bob, Bob.
Jun 1Why don’t you just quit?
Jun 3War?
Jun 5V for Victory!
Jun 8Why are we doing this?
Jun 10Oh, right.
Jun 12The web is the way.
Jun 15Talking? I wasn’t talking.
Jun 17Better luck tomorrow.
Jun 19Wally! Beaver! Get down here!
Jun 22To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there’s the rub.
Jun 24Kaaahhhnnn!!!!!
Jun 26What’s number 15?
Jun 29Easy time
Jul 3Number nine
Jul 8No TV for you!
Jul 27Unclear on the concept
Aug 3Unwanted help
Aug 13Finally Fun
Sep 28Susan?
Sep 30Susan.
Oct 2Pay attention.
Oct 5Busted.
Oct 7I spy with my little eye…
Oct 9Stupid computers
Oct 12What IS with that backpack?
Oct 14D.I.Y.
Oct 16Progress of a kind.
Oct 19Like
Oct 21Ding Dong!
Oct 23Is it safe?
Oct 26Cardinal Fang, get the Comfy Chair!
Oct 28Who’s there?
Oct 30Drano time
Nov 2Never been there.
Nov 4Mystery, that’s good.
Nov 6Wonderful girl.
Nov 11Sleep tight.
Nov 13Let’s do lunch.
Nov 16Guest Strip
Nov 18Guest Strip
Nov 25Trust me. It’s important.
Nov 27The Investigation.
Nov 30Pay attention.
Dec 2That might work
Dec 4Dibs
Dec 9Dragging us down, man.
Dec 11Don’t tell anyone.
Dec 14Peeping Sue
Dec 16Aliens!!??
Dec 18Too late now!
Dec 21First move
Dec 23It DOES explain a lot
Dec 28Surprise!