So I took my iMac to the shop last Friday (5/3/13) and picked it up on Tuesday (5/7/13). They replaced the LCD display, backlight, and video card.

Once home it had a few strange video problems that I attributed to the new components but they went away and I though everything was A-OK. Then ol’ sparky started shutting down unexpectedly and eventually wouldn’t even start up all the way before the screen went dark. It didn’t seem to be just the display this time. Something sinister is afoot.

We’re now back up after another trip to the shop. They got it to boot and sent me home but ordered a replacement motherboard and power supply. Once they come in we bring Mr. iMac back and the put it through some stress testing to see if new parts are needed. I could have had most major components replaced before we’re done. (The HD was replaced last fall as part of a recall) So I’m VERY glad this all happened now and not in July when my AppleCare runs out.

Right now I’m torn between wanting my Mac to keep working and wanting it to fail so I can justify the repair. Guess I should figure out if my work laptop can use my scanner so I can get some OSS strips up.