I finally saw “Avatar” this past weekend. Took my son and daughter. The boy had seen it before and was willing to let me pay $12.25 to see it in 3d again. (nice of him) I thought it was pretty good. An unoffensive blending of “Pocahontas” and “Dances With Wolves” with fantastic effects (which is the main reason to see it in 3D). The Na’vi and their world were beautifully designed and great to see in 3D. It’s a new high bar for creating a new world. The story was ok but not demanding. The bad guys were really bad and the good guys were really good. Not much of a challenge. My gripes were minor. Would a big armored battle suit really come with a huge combat knife? I know you’d want to hack your way through the jungle, but wouldn’t you be dropping it a lot? Just build it into the arm. And what happens to the humans who are allowed to stay? No way are they going back to Earth. Are they marooned on Pandora (ooo! subtle name there) and doomed to die when their supplies and air run out? Maybe they can grow some more Na’vi bodies and all turn native.