Happy June, all!

OSS is still on hold (Boo!), work is still hectic (pant, pant!), but my iMac is fixed (Say Yay!). Actually, they gave me a new one!


The repair techs spent most of the month of May working on my old iMac (above, left) and finally threw in the towel and gave me a brand new one! Thank you AppleCare warranty!

I can’t use my old additional 3rd party RAM and I had to buy an external DVD/CD drive, but I was able to buy a new AppleCare extended warranty on the new machine. I was very happy with the old girl and I’m sorry to see her go. But now I have a brand new computer at no cost with three more years of warranty coverage.

Restoring all my data from my Carbonite backup account was almost as painful as not having a computer for a month. I now have an external HD for backup and might not renew my Carbonite acct. But that story is for another time and rant.