Hi gang,

Sorry I’ve been the “Phantom Cartoonist” this week.

I did get Monday’s strip out even after spending all day Saturday at NEWW. (And meeting my second super-fan! He came to the con just to see me! Yeah, I was shocked too.) But you’ll notice nothing much has happened since.

Both of the kids are involved with Westford Academy’s production of “Phantom of the Opera“. We’re the first High School in the country to do this show and it’s a good show, but a lot of work. Between playing taxi driver and helping out with the concession table, I’m out of time this week, and I’m not even in the show. I’ll get back on track next week.

One note: The TLC program “Fabulous Cakes” filmed the delivery of a Phantom cake on opening night. I’ll post info if I find out when the broadcast is. Maybe you’ll see the kids.